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mein schticky friend

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Oh, I didn’t know you were here, Yogi.

— hirato, episode 2, karneval

I really find it adorable when I see young people acting tough.

— hirato, episodes 2, karneval

You’re not some kind of quack, are you?”

"You’re such a foul-mouthed kid."

— gareki, doctor, episode 3, karneval

Feel free to use him for human experimentation.

— hirato, episode 3, karneval


But there are times when even adults want to play hide and seek!

— yogi, episode 2, karneval

I will shoot you when I see you in the sky.

— hirato, episode 2, karneval

Did you see that?”

"No, I was sleeping."

"But you’re driving!

— people in a truck, digimon movie